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The Law Offices of Kyle J. Farquhar is a Riverside County divorce and family law firm that is dedicated to protecting fathers’ rights and helping families cope with the stress and challenges posed by the process of completing a divorce, separation agreement, or child custody battle. Our matrimonial law firm services clients throughout Riverside County. Our skilled attorneys have been practicing divorce and family law for over 10 years, and have personally endured the problems our clients face. Additionally, we have been recognized throughout Riverside County as being on the forefront of divorce and fathers’ rights issues. We have successfully handled thousands of Riverside County family law matters.

The Law Offices of Kyle J. Farquhar are located in Riverside, California.
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Riverside County Divorce & Family Law Attorneys
When a relationship ends, and family members separate, there exists an abundance of undue hardship and emotional upheaval. Complex issues regarding child custody, pre and post nuptial agreements, child support, fathers’ rights, equitable distribution, orders of protection, grandparents’ rights, and separation agreements require the assistance of a qualified family and matrimonial law attorney. An experienced family law attorney can ensure that a proper resolution is met by involved parties and that justice is served. Separating from your partner may or may not be your choice, but separating from your children is another matter.
Getting What You Deserve
In the past, the mother would automatically secure full custody of the children after a separation or divorce. At The Law Offices of Kyle J. Farquhar, we fight against antiquated legal traditions. Our professional divorce attorneys’ primary focus is protecting our clients’ rights as a parent, grandparent, and partner. No matter how many odds are stacked against you, our knowledgeable legal team will still do everything we can to produce successful results on your behalf. With over ten years of legal experience resolving complicated marital disputes and familial conflicts, we are skilled in all aspects of Riverside County family and domestic law. Our proven track record boasts countless favorable outcomes, especially for father's rights, orders of protection, and divorce agreement issues.
Going Against Tradition
When you entered your relationship, chances are your life was different. Over the course of time with your partner, your job, income, personal property, number of children, and state of being may have changed. In the early days, you probably gave little or no serious thought to the prospect of separating or divorcing your partner. Yet, when the reality of separation occurs, one or both parties can become so outraged by unexpected actions and behaviors, their anger leads them to say and do things otherwise unthinkable. In the majority of relationships, pre and/or post nuptial agreements are not even considered. Those that were drawn are often disputed once the separation is underway. The best way to handle the roller coaster of emotions one or both parties will experience is to contact us as soon as possible.
The Role of Emotions
We have handled divorce and family law issues for couples with varying backgrounds. While each situation differs from client to client, our experienced family law attorneys are fully prepared to carefully listen to all aspects of your case. With patience, tact, integrity, and a wealth of experience, our sharp attorneys can assist you with the most sensitive of subjects. Most cases that are brought to us have surprised the client with greater than expected outcomes.
Experience Matters
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